Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Purchase!

We had the tan version at my work, and I kept thinking to myself that I really really wanted a black pair. One day I was really thinking about it, and how it would solve so many of my footwear problems and when I went into work the next day, the black version were in the store!! BRILLIANT!


Claude Von Stroke for New Years at Barsoma in Brisbane! Gah! This is gonna be a fun fuelled night. It gets even better because my boyfriend, Christopher Brooks, is playing before him. Tickets are $25 presale, and $50 on the door, IF there are any tickets left. 

Introducing Me

 Getting off the plane in Portugal. My girlfriends and I, a group of four girls from Australia, California, Poland and Romania, decided we wanted to get away from the Amsterdam rain and cloudiness and head for the sun. We found cheap flights to Portugal, all of us knowing that this would probably turn into a crazy few days. I don't think any one of us could have anticipated what would actually happen; my girlfriends and I still laugh as we regale the crazy situations we got ourselves into. 

 Puri, India.  My friend, Ron who was an amateur photographer, jumped out the rickshaw and asked the rickshaw wallah to pose for him...who knew he would promptly drop into the splits and ham it up for the camera! 

 At the Gold Temple, Amristar, India. The temple in the north of India is the holiest site for Sikh's. The magnificent Golden Temple (covered totally in gold leaf, and filled with jewels and holy items) is surrounded by water and a complex of buildings (all predominantly white) that are filled with pilgrims, believers and the odd tourist. I always found the Golden Temple amazing for the heightened sense of spiritual awareness that washes over me, and everyone else there. The sound of their Holy Book, Guru Granth Sahib being recited by a team of men is indescriable...the closest word would be 'transformational'. I also loved the bright colours of the women's salwar kameez's (the outfit I am wearing above) against the white of the floors and walls. 

At the end of year 12 I used all of my savings from casual jobs I'd held since I was 14, and spent it on a month long trip to Egypt. It's a tradition in my part of Australia for school leavers to have a week of partying at the Gold Coast in Queesnland, but I decided Egypt sounded much more interesting! I have some incredible memories from my trip. I remember standing in the tomb within the Great Pyramid, Cheops, and the people around me start talking in hushed voices about a certain energy in the room. After a few minutes, we were all sat side by side, around the perimeter of the room, and held hands. The room fell silent. The experience of holding hands in silence in a ring of complete strangers from around the world, in the tomb of the Great Pyramid of Egypt is one that still blows my mind. Those years of working after school and on my weekends certainly paid off! 

 A nice trip to Amsterdam Bos on a chilly winter day. Being Australian and from Brisbane, I had never seen snow before I spent winter in Amsterdam in 2009-2010. It took a while before the thrill of snow gave way to a deep and enduring hatred of subzero temperatures. On this trip with my friends, we all rugged up with several jumpers, jackets, boots, leggings, jeans, beanies and blankets and went for a walk around a beautiful forest covered in snow. It's one of my favourite memories of my year in Amsterdam. 

 Since my earliest days, I've been lost in my own head. As a young girl, I would dress up in my princess dresses, go down do the garden (I lived on a big block with rose bushes, set amongst the mountains of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland), and I would pretend I could talk to animals. I would sing like the Disney Princess's sang, and spend hours in a dream world. 

This is Day One of my brothers trip to visit me in Amsterdam. He came for my last month there, and we had a ball. It was the first time I had seen my brother for a year, and the first time since he was 18, so we got to hang out and spend time catching up. It was such a happy time for me, and it serves as a well of memories for both me and my little brother. 

I am now at home in Brisbane, Australia, where I intend to stay for the next few years so I can finish of my degrees. I have a heap of interesting stuff coming up during my summer holidays, which will end at the end of February. I can't wait to all of these projects going!!

Sunday, Jimpster Remix

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chloe SS 2011

Camilla Akrans

Ahhhhhhh I love her photos. They're so warm and dewy...and kinda languidly sexy! Although it's not really my thing, I love the Brigitte Bardot look...the big eyes, the hair, the femininity! I'm looking to amp the femininity up a bit and and mess around with some new looks this Australian summer...why not?!

Edita Vilkeviciute